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To positively impact the growth and well being of children in the communities in which we work by supporting organizations focused on assisting in their education and personal development.

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One Door Closes, Another One Opens


Closing Nonprofit donates everything to local bay area organizations benefiting children.

Last year, after 30 years of service, the Russell Bede School located in San Mateo closed its doors. The school had become a place for Bay Area children whose learning differences made mainstream schools a challenge. It was a place where these kids could enjoy the experience of learning. They provided a small class setting with only 6 students per teacher which not only gave kids more attention, it also allowed the teachers to modify lessons to meet a students’ needs whether they battle with reading disorders like dyslexia, processing disorders that make it difficult to comprehend or express information, or speech and language difficulties.

Russell Bede School
Upon closing, one of the stipulations was that all of the organization’s resources, tools, equipment, etc. be donated to other local nonprofit organizations benefiting children in need. Intero Real Estate agent, Lana Morin Pierce, out of the San Mateo office, managed the sale of the property, a 1907 Victorian house and also assisted with finding homes for many of the donations.

This disbursement to nonprofits also applied to any funding they still had. Much to Pierce’s surprise, Intero Real Estate Services’ own nonprofit, The Intero Foundation, dedicated to helping children in need, was chosen as one of the lucky recipients receiving $62,500. Other organizations benefiting from the Russell Bede School’s closing included CASA of San Mateo County, InnVision Shelter Network, Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club and more.

“As Board Members and caretakers of Russell Bede School, we felt it was important to continue to serve the children and families in our community by disbursing our remaining assets to those organizations that are well-qualified to do so,” states Peggy Myers, the Founder’s Daughter and President of the Board of Russell Bede School. “We are grateful that there are so many great organizations out there to carry on the work.”

In addition to this very generous donation, The Intero Foundation also hosted 3 fundraising events this last month. Hot Wheels For Kids, the annual car show took place on May 2nd and raised over $12,000. SVGives, a bay area wide fundraising event spearheaded by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation brought in over $20,000 on May 5th. And the group’s annual bowling night raised $10,000. This combined with the $62,500 from the Russell Bede School brings over $100,000 to the Intero Foundation. This is the most the Intero Foundation has collected in a single month since its inception in 2002.

“It’s through these donations that we can continue to support kids based organizations throughout our community,” says Pierce. “Just last month we were able to give $48,000 in donations to 8 nonprofits which wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of donors in our community and beyond.”

As the Intero Foundation gives a series of grants multiple times a year, last month, they approved grants to the following organizations:

  1. Child Advocates of Silicon Valley ($8,000) – Appoints trained Court Appointed Special Advocates to children in foster care to provide a constant, supportive presence throughout their time there.
  2. Community School of Music and Arts ($3,000) – An Art and Music education center where people of all ages and abilities can discover, develop and nurture their creativity.
  3. Able Works ($5,000) – Equips at-risk teenagers with financial education, life skills and assets that enable them to live free from oppression and poverty.
  4. Parents Helping Parents ($6,000) – Provides information, training and support services for families who have children with special needs and the professions who serve them.
  5. BAWSI (Rollers Program) ($10,000) – Introduces students with disabilities to adaptive physical activity in a non-threatening and accessible way.
  6. Humane Society SV (Compassion in Action) ($5,000) – Teaches at-risk children self-management, relationship skills, and self-awareness through structured interactions with both people and animals.
  7. PACE ($5,000) – Provides high quality programs for individuals with autism and associated developmental disabilities.
  8. South Bay Teen Challenge ($6,000) – Provides recovery for men, women, teens, children, and families with destructive, abusive, and addictive lifestyles through mentoring, education, training, and spiritual direction.

Hot Wheels For Kids Recap

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We had quite the crowd at this year’s Hot Wheels For Kids benefiting the Intero Foundation. At the end of the day we raised over $12,000 which will go straight to children in need in our local communities. Thank you to everyone who came to support this wonderful event.

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Check out photos of the event HERE

Silicon Valley Gives Success!



Thank you to all those who helped us raise money for kids in our communities through SVGives.  We raised over $20,000 all thanks to you!

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Intero’s Fremont Office gets in on the Giving Game.


Last month, our Intero Fremont group granted 3 different charities in the Tri-City area. Check out the love they are spreading in the communities they serve:

Intero Foundation Awards Grant to SAVE

Foundation Spotlight – Family Supportive Housing


We use to have a house, a place to come home to. I had my own room with pink walls and a basket full of stuffed animals. We had a yard where my brother and I played until the sun went down. We had all of this until rent went up and Mom and Dad couldn’t afford it anymore, even with 3 jobs between them. We looked at other homes; one with a swing in the back, another attached to other homes but we didn’t get any of them. Mom got really sad and Dad didn’t say much. We were living in a rundown hotel, all 4 of us in one room with one bed. Based on what I heard from my parents, I knew we couldn’t stay there for much longer.

Then we heard about Family Supportive Housing. They had a room just for us with 3 beds; one for my parents, and one each for my brother and me. We even got to pick out our own sheets. I went straight for Frozen and my brother got Transformers. They had a place for us to sit and eat a meal; not just soup from a can. Mom and Dad got to go to work and we had a safe place to go, the Voyager Child Development Center right on site. Mom started smiling again and Dad said we might be getting our own house soon. We have hope all thanks to Family Supportive Housing.

Family Supportive Housing offers a warm, welcoming and respectful environment that supports families experiencing homelessness throughout Santa Clara County. They keep families together while offering services that address their needs for food, shelter, clothing, education and employment. Their ultimate goal is for those families to gain self-sufficiency allowing them to move forward on their own

Foundation Spotlight - Family Supportive Housing

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The Chowdermobile is on its way!


Sam's Chowdermobile

Intero Foundation Continues to Grow the Business of Giving

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The Intero Foundation Grants $41,000 to Silicon Valley Organizations

On March 19th, the Intero Foundation issued their first round of grants for the year directed towards the California communities of Los Altos, San Carlos and San Mateo. In 2002, the leaders of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and wholly owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc., founded the Intero Foundation to be a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in the communities surrounding Intero locations.

Over a decade later, the Foundation empowers a diversity of organizations that positively impact the education and personal development of children. Through Intero’s agents, employees and fundraising events, the Foundation has generated over $3 million with an endowment of more than $1 million and gave $225,000 in 2014 alone.

In order to sustain its commitment to giving back to the community, each quarter, the Intero Foundation presents grants to non-profits that have been approved by the Foundation Committee. This third quarter round of grants were brought to the foundation by Intero’s offices located in Los Altos, San Carlos, and San Mateo. A total of $41,000 split amongst the following organizations:

  1. Inn Vision Shelter – Dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals regain permanent housing and self-sufficiency through a variety of supportive services including interim housing. A grant of $8,000 will go towards their STEM Summer Adventure Camp.
  2. In Their Own Words (anti-bullying project) – Affiliated with the AACHAC of Mills Peninsula Health Services, this youth-led marketing campaign and peer support service addresses teen bullying among at risk youth. A grant of $8,000 will go directly to supporting this program.
  3. PARCA Raji House – An out-of-home respite care program for children and teens with developmental disabilities. The home provides a safe environment where the kids engage in games, sports, field trips, and the development of learning skills in a schedule of activities specially designed to meet their needs. A grant of $7,500 will go towards funding the home’s annual operational costs.
  4. Grateful Garment – Reduces any further negative impact on victims of sexual violence and human sex trafficking. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $7,500 for the purchase of clothing, food, and toiletries to minor victims of sexual assault; prevention education and training; and administrative expenses (supplies, storage, telephone, mileage, etc.) within the Santa Clara County.
  5. Scholastic Interest Group – Helps at risk young men residing in low income communities of San Francisco reach their full potential by offering a variety of programs that promote the importance of staying in school, the value of high education, and the critical need of personal character development. A grant of $10,000 will support educational “field trips” and weekly personal development workshops.